Young Voices Matter: Adobe Creative Jam Christchurch Review

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In the week of the 2017 Election, only 67.47% of the youth population (18–24 years old) is enrolled to vote. Those 149,930 young people who aren’t yet enrolled are potentially enough to change the government if only they realised the they possessed power.

Looking at how design can encourage young people to vote, Design Assembly hosted the first ever Adobe Creative Jam in Christchurch a couple of weeks ago. Over 60 graphic and UX designers and creatives got together to watch a live design battle take place over just 3 hours utilising Adobe XD. There were four teams who took on the challenge. The brief laid out to them was to design a digital experience with the goal of increasing awareness of the New Zealand 2017 general election and growing the number of young people (18 years – 24 years) in NZ registered to vote. These could have been in the form of a website homepage concept and design; app concept and design; game concept and design or digital campaign concept and design.

As well as watching the battle, those there on the night were also lucky enough to hear two local creative industry stars, Lindsay Yee and Natasha Vermeulen, share insights into their work and process. Louise Kellerman Founder of Design Assembly called the night a “cut-throat battle”.

Congratulations to the Adobe Creative Jam Christchurch winning team, Kate Darby and Alice Ferner with their project Votr.

Votr — Make NZ Your Perfect Match

Kate Darby and Alice Ferner

Votr is Tinder for party policies. The way that we engage with the electoral process currently doesn’t align with the digital tools young people have grown up using and become used to. We wanted to take the unfamiliarity of voting and party policies and make it familiar like infamous Tinder. Users can swipe left and right (like or dislike) on anonymous policies. The more they swipe, the more they build up a picture of what parties they align best with. Each policy card can also be flipped to find out who the party is, what the details of the policy are, how they will implement it and why it’s important. The sign-up process doubles as a way to check and update your enrolment status. Votr also would work in partnership with a mobile company to give users 5mb of data per swipe, and 20mb per friend they sign up to sweeten the deal.

The Reality

Agnieszka Parr and Pollyane Carvalho

 A Web Campaign to show points discussed in this year’s election displaying data in an attractive way aiming to help young voters to make decisions and take actions.

Enrolment Monsters

Jade Cavalcante and Regina Speer

We created a fun, engaging and easy digital campaign with the aim to enroll young voters aged 18-25. Voting seems pointless to many because they feel unheard. We created 5 monsters, each about a topic young people care about and used a humorous approach. Each monster page has a CTA that links to an easy to use online enrolment form. Once enrolled the monsters leave with an encouraging message.







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