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This week we sat down with our friends over at Springload to learn a little more about their upcoming workshops and trainings in Content and UX. Whether you’re a career changer who’s new to content design or UX or perhaps looking to top up your exisiting skills, Springload have a range of workshops planned throughout the year to help grow the capabilities of both you and your team.

Registrations are on now and spaces are capped to ten seats to make sure there’s enough chance for kōrero and answering questions.


Can you tell us a little about Springload and what inspired your studio to develop your new Content and UX workshops?

We’re a multidisciplinary digital agency, from digital strategies to website development, and our vision is to “Make the things that matter, better”. We’ve got a huge amount of expertise in our team, and one of the things we’re passionate about is helping other people learn and do. We’re excited to be sharing our knowledge to help other organisations make better products for their people. 


When can people register for the Springload workshops and who are they for? Do attendees need to have any prior experience in content design/strategy or UX to join in? 

We’re running a series of workshops, and we’d love to see people with a range of experience coming along. The first few content design and strategy basics workshops are for people who are relatively new to the field, or changing careers. 

Workshops for July, August, and September are available to book now on our workshops and training page. Our first workshop is customer journey mapping, happening on Friday 29th July. There’s early bird pricing available, so it pays to book your spot now! 

We’ll run some more in-depth workshops on these later in the year and we’re able to tailor the workshops to more experienced teams, too. 

We know IA can be mystifying for people even if they’ve got lots of content or UX experience, so that’s one that’s definitely suitable whether you’re new to UX or not. 


The information architecture basics was one of the workshops that perked our ears up. Can you share with us more about what pain points this workshop helps to solve and what we’d need to prepare before attending?

Information architecture (IA) is one of those things that seems intimidating, but I love it, and I’m keen to help other people to love it too! Or, at least, help people be comfortable in creating an IA. We’re here to demystify that process and show that you don’t have to be a specialist information architect to make an IA that works. 

The focus is on a practical methodology that you can apply to your own mahi. We’ll go through how you assess your current IA (if you have one), understand what your customer and business needs are through research, how you create an IA, and how you can test it. We’re also partnering with Optimal Workshop on this one, who are bringing their expertise to the session — and providing free Optimal licences, too! And good news if you’re a DA friend, this early bird discount doesn’t expire.   

You don’t need to prepare anything before attending, but do bring along any questions you have! 

Our information architecture basics workshop is happening on August 17th and 18th. Take advantage of our early bird deal until 15th July


You’ve mentioned workshops can be in-person or held online. How have they been structured to cater for both types of delivery? 

We’re running the first few workshops online to make sure that everyone’s who’s signed up can attend — we don’t want people to miss out if they’re isolating! For our full day workshops we split these over two days when we run them online. We’ve all experienced Zoom fatigue, and that’s not what we want.

We also run these workshops as in-person training sessions for teams across Aotearoa, and we tailor these to the experience and needs of those teams. 

The content is similar for in-person and online workshops, but we’ve changed the format and delivery of the workshops to make sure they’re engaging and interesting on both channels. 

Which upcoming workshop(s) are you excited for most and what key learnings can attendees expect to walk away with?

I’m a content strategist, so I’m biased towards sharing the love for creating amazing content, whether that’s through IA, content strategy or content design. I’m excited about helping more people across Aotearoa create content that’s meaningful and helps people do what they need to do. 


Where do people go to sign up and is there a limit to how many people can join each workshop?

See what’s upcoming and book by visiting our workshop and training page. You can also have your say on what we deliver next by registering your interest in our future UX and content workshops.  

Our workshops are for up to 10 people, to make sure there’s enough chance for kōrero and answering questions. If it’s sold out when you come to sign up, we’ll put you on a waitlist for the next one. Or, get in touch with us — we’re happy to deliver these in-person for your team, too. 


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