5 Mins With… Craig Black – Speaker at The Design Conference 2018

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Ahead of The Design Conference 2018 in Brisbane from May 9 – 11 we spent 5 Mins With… Craig Black of Craig Black Design and Lead Designer at Thirst Craft.

How would you describe your work and your influences?
I’m primarily known for bespoke and innovative typographic illustrations, visual identities, packaging and installations. My strengths lie in my ability to cross disciplines without having a fixed personal style.

Typography and lettering is just the starting point of my work. I like to think I can handle any type of brief and work just as well on projects with strong constraints or complete creative freedom. I believe in creating engaging, modern and precise visuals whilst maintaining originality in all of my work.

What is the best piece of advice you have heard, which you would like to pass on to others?
Have a belief in what you do, the confidence to back that up, and the work ethic to get things out there.

Where do you find your inspiration?
I listen to quite a few design podcasts, read a lot of books and dabble on the design blogs but I do feel my best inspiration comes to me when I least expect it. When I am out in the fresh air, the gym, socialising or even when I’m driving the car (which can be a bit problematic when I need to pull over to sketch down the idea!).

How do you keep your ideas fresh?
I like to try and exhaust all the ideas in my head, writing them down and executing them. I believe that if I can get them out my head, that will clear space for more fresh ideas.

What has been the biggest lesson you have learnt getting to where you are today?
Persistence and having resilience is key to moving forward.

What was your first job?
Technically, my first job was delivering newspapers but I only lasted two days as all I wanted to do was play football (soccer) instead. Following that, my first ‘real’ job was being a professional footballer (soccer player).

What originally influenced you to pursue design?
I absolutely loved football growing up, I was so fascinated with the design around the beautiful game such as colourful football shirts, team badges, football boots and TV commercials and programmes. This all contributed to my curiosity in design and made me wonder how things like that were made, I remember customising my first pair of football boots in a ‘dodgy’ gold pen thinking it would make me a better football player….unfortunately it didn’t!

What is something which most people do not know about you?
Well…I lived a life of a professional footballer before I really understood what graphic design was but during this time, I also worked with a social care charity to help provide care and support for people with disabilities. It’s always been in my nature to help others and I was fortunate enough to spend time with these wonderful people and to help support them in living an independent lifestyle.

Do you have a life motto which you live by?
Regardless of the situation, no matter how difficult the outcome may be, I will never quit and I will never back down.

What do you have planned while you are in Australia?
This is my very first time in Australia so I’m really excited to explore the country and immerse myself in the culture. I am also extremely excited to finally meet Nicole Phillips, Nicole and I collaborated on a project called ‘Lettering meets Letterpress’ and from then we’ve become really close friends, I feel like I’ve known Nicole for a long time as we’re constantly skyping one another so to actually meet her for the first time will be a special moment.

The Design Conference 2018 (#tdcbne18) is returning to the Brisbane Powerhouse to deliver its most action packed experience since 2011.

Showcasing 12 world-class creative talks and a ton of hands-on breakout classes, attendees are in for an educational experience which not only raises the bar for creative conferences worldwide (Link to QZ*), but leaves attendees inspired and energised to grow their creative passions and careers.

With speakers flying in from all over Australia and the world, #tdcbne18 focuses on the Art, Design and Creative business sectors, while demonstrating the thought process and creative ingenuity behind the global creative economy.

Speakers include Designer, Braulio Amado (USA); Artists, Low Bros (GER); Design Agency, DIA (USA); Type Designer, Kris Sowersby (NZ); Strategist, Cat Burgess and Creative Directors, Chris Doyle (SYD), Zoe Green (SYD) and James Brown (ADL) amongst many more.

#tdcbne18 is Australia’s premier showcase to creative culture, as seen through the eyes of a gender balanced selection of the world’s best thinkers.

Hosted at the Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm, QLD from May 9-11, The Design Conference Brisbane is specifically designed to inspire, educate, entertain and connect the creative community.


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