Daylight Creative is a spinoff of The Spinoff

While 2020 was undoubtedly challenging there were beacons of light and lots of silver linings to emerge from the darkness. One such beacon was the amazing and imperative work Toby […]

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Follow the paper trail: publications in the archive

What does it mean to be ‘bookish’ in these days of Hypertext? I think of ancient stories carefully transcribed as words and images onto vellum. Bound into a unique volume, […]

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5 minutes with… Toby Morris

Art director, illustrator and comic Toby Morris takes big (often challenging) issues and distils them into digestible engaging visuals. Recently appointed creative director of the Spinoff, Toby’s collaboration with microbiologist […]

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PUSH PLAY Ramp Connects

Design Assembly is a long-time supporter of Wintec School of Media Arts’ Ramp Festival – this year the event has adapted to the extraordinary times we find ourselves in with […]

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Fresh from the Field — The Day the Costumes Stuck by Toby Morris

Our inaugural Fresh from the Field for 2017 features one of Beatnik’s recent releases created by Toby Morris. “The Day The Costumes Stuck is a delightfully quirky tale that will stimulate the […]

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5 Minutes with… Toby Morris

Toby Morris is an illustrator, comic artist and designer. These days you might know him as the writer and artist behind the comic series The Pencilsword or from his animated […]

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