The cost of acquiring new clients

Ahead of our 31 August Auckland DA Workshop: ‘Keeping the pipeline filled: sales for creatives‘, our workshop facilitator – Sarah Ritchie – shares valuable intelligence on appreciating the real cost of […]

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Design Project Management: Is a cost blowout redeemable?

Ahead of our upcoming Auckland DA Workshop: Running a successful project: on time, on budget, and on brief. Our workshop facilitator Sarah Ritchie shares valuable intelligence on time and cost blowouts […]

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5 Minutes with… Sarah Ritchie

Ahead of Design Assembly’s upcoming half-day workshop on “how to run a profitable, successful design business” on Wednesday 20th February 2019 in Christchurch, we spoke with design and advertising account management […]

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How to work with clients who micro-manage

Written by Sarah Ritchie You’ve created a masterpiece of an event poster for your client. Your client asks you to make the headline bigger, move an item from the bottom […]

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Saving money on print

Written by Sarah Ritchie Your client has come to you saying they have to cut back their print budget, and can you help them? Without a moment’s hesitation you should […]

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Mise en place — the art of being prepared

Written by Sarah Ritchie “All great cooks… know that the secret to success is something called mise en place… [which is] a universal concept focusing on the idea of readiness. When chefs […]

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Celebrating your accomplishments

Written by Sarah Ritchie AgencyLand is the type of environment where you are more likely to hear if you haven’t done a good job, than if you have, and it […]

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“It’s too expensive!”

Written by Sarah Ritchie How often have you had a client reject your quote claiming, “It’s too expensive”? Chances are the comment may not relate to your quote being outside […]

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How to manage a packaging design project

Written by Sarah Ritchie Packaging design can be a merciless trap for the unwary. Whether you are the Account Manager facilitating the project, or the designer designing it, there are […]

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Going it alone

Written by Sarah Ritchie  In your graphic design career, have you ever thought of “Going it alone”? Right now you may have a permanent design job or be freelancing. You’ll […]

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