DA Workshop Christchurch: UX Crash Course with Matt Gould

Get hands-on experience of a digital UX design project from start to finish in this intensive one day workshop. This course is designed to give you an understanding of the principles behind a modern user centered design process and practical experience of some of the most common activities you will encounter in a typical user experience project. The day is designed so you can apply what you learn immediately to your current projects and also use what you learn as a base for further study.

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Designers and account managers: a love/hate relationship

Written by Sarah Ritchie, AM-Insider Ask any agency person what the dynamic is like between their designers and their account managers and you’ll probably get a similar response: dog/cat, love/hate, us/them. The agency-irony is that the relationship between designers and account managers is symbiotic — one cannot function effectively without the other. Given this crucial need to…

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DA Conversations Podcast with Annie Dow, October 2016

Welcome to Design Assembly Conversations. In this series we talk to New Zealand graphic designers, hear their stories, and celebrate their work.
I’m Louise, and today I’m talking to Annie Dow. Annie started and runs Dow Design, which has for over 21 years been a leading New Zealand design studio.

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