Fresh From The Field — Hummingbird coffee roasters by FUMAN

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This Fresh From The Field features a distinguishing identity, packaging and a brand book for a unique Kiwi coffee roaster with incredible values and a great story to tell by FUMAN

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The Brief:

“I love that coffee! I didn’t know it was Hummingbird.” This was a common sentiment when FUMAN began their rebrand for Hummingbird Coffee Roasters. While a top seller in their category, FUMAN found that buyers had little to no awareness of who Hummingbird was as a company. People loved the coffee, and that it was organic, but that was where the story ended for most people.
Hummingbird Coffee is a unique Kiwi roastery with a big heart. FUMAN’s job was to rebrand them in a way that brought the story to life, starting with the people in the company.
The existing brand and packaging weren’t distinctive; the Hummingbird rising from a coffee cup was vague, dated and unrecognisable. The name was lost in the hierarchy, making it difficult to decipher the brand. The brand lacked quality cues and visual presence, and this was most apparent on shelf, where it mattered most.

The brand needed to evolve, using key cues from the existing brand, taking the customer on a journey without compromising sales or losing the already loyal purchasers along the way. First and foremost was the development of a new wordmark and logo.

The packaging looked cheap and dated. FUMAN recognised that it would be central to a successful rebrand. “For us it was an exciting opportunity to bring the company’s branding and packaging up to par with the high quality and ethical standards of their coffee. The chance to help tell the story of an almost 30-year journey was one we couldn’t refuse.”

The Response:

The hummingbird motif was to become a keystone of the brand, this was our diamond in the rough. We needed to realign the quality of the outside of the bag, with what is inside the bag. All the while bringing customers along for the ride. In redeveloping the Hummingbird, a strong simple visual mascot that signals great coffee.

The new packaging takes what was a confused expression and creates a cohesive message, all elements intact without sacrificing the brands core values. We have created a united packaging range that invites the customer to familiarise themselves with the product.
The new packaging elevates the visual appeal of the brand, complementing the rich flavours and growing the already impressive sales figures.

The range is defined by utilising a transparent sticker overlay that permits the use of a standardised bag, saving on printing costs and wasteful print runs. The overlay contains all necessary fields needed to relay the product description and flavour.

As part of the rollout, it was imperative to create a new brand bible that would ensure a smooth transition and future application of the new identity and collateral. The Hummingbird brand book documents not just the rebrand but the set of commitments and values that have made Hummingbird what it is today. This book is a mirror for Hummingbird to understand how it looks and sounds as a conscious company.


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