Designing Effective Interview Questions

Time for some lockdown UX education! Matt from UX Gym is going to be sharing some methods and design principles from their UX Gym courses for free in a series of short online seminars and Q&A sessions, starting with how to design an effective interview question for design research, where he shares a practical method for…

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Field Guide — What the hell is UX? By Matt Gould

Ahead of our upcoming DA Design Sampler – Conversations for Teachers one of our expert facilitators, Matt Gould (Director at Lushai, co-founder of UX Gym and co-founder of UX Homegrown design conference) demystifies UX… UX is short for user experience. It describes a holistic approach to design, where design decisions are made by understanding the…

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DA Workshop Christchurch: UX Crash Course with Matt Gould

Get hands-on experience of a digital UX design project from start to finish in this intensive one day workshop. This course is designed to give you an understanding of the principles behind a modern user centered design process and practical experience of some of the most common activities you will encounter in a typical user experience project. The day is designed so you can apply what you learn immediately to your current projects and also use what you learn as a base for further study.

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