Being a leader in your design business – and why you should bother

Often when you run your own business, you are juggling so many things – developing business, keep clients happy, writing proposals, doing the doing, balancing the books, fixing IT problems – and of course keeping staff happy.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if staff just managed themselves – did as they were asked, did it well, created no fuss or dramas and didn’t leave. Although this can’t be guaranteed, one major step to getting the most out of your team is to improve your skills as a leader.

This workshop is about becoming a better boss and a better leader.


We will cover the following:

  • What is leadership and how does it make your design business more successful?
  • What does ‘good’ leadership look like and how does that compare to your leadership style? (we will do a short self-assessment in the workshop)
  • How do I ‘lead’ every day without it being another thing I’ve got to do?
  • How can you use good leadership to get the most out of your team – what they do (productivity) and how they do it (behaviour)?
  • How does leadership link to the culture of your business?

About the teacher

Mike Kensington
Leadership & Strategy Partner, POD  Consulting

I have been lucky to have had an awesome career in HR and business. I have had the opportunity to work with some brilliant people, in a variety of organisations and with responsibility for delivering really positive business outcomes. I have worked across a number of industries, including retail, financial services, consulting, local authority, tertiary education and SME’s, and particularly enjoyed working with a wide range of leaders, from Executives and Senior Managers, to frontline team leaders and newly appointed Managers.

My passion lies in helping people understand how they can be more effective, and successful in what they do at work, and ultimately, more satisfied in their lives. I enjoy facilitating business outcomes, working one on one through coaching around a particular issue, mentoring people through business dilemmas, or developing a range of solutions to help develop both leadership and management capability.


Eventbrite - Being a leader in your design business – and why you should bother