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AUCKLAND DA Workshop: Discover Your Designer DNA with Jason Biggs

March 17, 2023 @ 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

Workshop Venue TBC
What would happen if we could finally put a name to the things we do best – our innate personality strengths – and access them on the daily to help achieve our personal and career goals?

Discover Your Designer DNA


We all have talents; naturally recurring ways of thinking, feeling, or behaving that can be productively applied.  We use them every day to achieve what we are responsible for.  The challenge is that talents are innate.  We just “do them” without thinking.  So it can be difficult for us to describe them to others and even see the value in them ourselves.  An example of this is think about the question, “What is one positive word people used to describe you?” Many of us find this difficult to quickly answer.

The truth is in any work we do the HOW’s (thoughts, feelings, behaviours) always come before the WHAT’s (the priorities and delivery of the work).  What if we were able to accurately describe our talents so that it:

  • Short circuits how your boss, team, and clients can get the best from you
  • Supports how you best work together, to make the process of design much simpler
  • Be able to ask the right questions to get the best from others
What will I learn?

We all love a personality test.  We start by completing a CliftonStrengths profile which helps to identify and describe your talents.  The trick with any profile is that it is most powerful when you understand how to apply them uniquely to you.  This three hour workshop is designed to help you discover:

  • How to get the best out of you Understand your 1 in 33 million point of difference.  Be able to confidently voice the unique way you approach your work.  What you are good at and why (something that can help boost your portfolio)
  • How to get the best out of others Increase empathy for others, how we all do things differently and that through intentional partnerships you can make our work more impactful
  • Tools to get right information from those you work with through adapting your style, by leveraging your talents and most importantly by asking the right questions
Who is this for?
  • Creative Directors
  • Design Directors
  • Account Mangers
  • Design Studio Owners
  • People moving into managing leadership roles which manage teams
  • Employees across all functions and roles; whether it be designers or the teams and roles that support them
  • Freelance or contractor designers looking to unlock natural strengths and turn them into their unique point of difference.
  • Consider more than one person attending from your team to improve the collaboration between you
What will I walk away with?
  • A Gallup CliftonStrengths profile and CliftonStrengths Theme Report and CliftonStrengths Insight Guide
  • A pre work quick course to debrief the results
  • A detailed and personalised reference guide with insights including what you contribute, what you need, how you are best managed
  • Debrief with a group of individuals with a process designed to create new connections
  • A follow-up programme with additional resources and reminders to apply what was covered in the workshop

Meet your facilitator: Jason Biggs — The Strengths Collective

Jason helps workplaces and their people hum through coaching, workshops and self-sustaining tools that help you short circuit the process and DIY. His method helps to identify and play to yours, your teams’ and your organisation’s strengths, have better, regular and more impactful coaching conversations, and focus on the important stuff. Jason has worked in the corporate sector for over 20 years, marketing brands like NESCAFE, KLEENEX and HUGGIES. He thrives helping people understand why they do what they do and to leverage this to get what they want. He’s a commercial guy at heart so that means delivering good business outcomes. In the last ten years he’s coached hundreds of people either as individuals or teams and worked with organisations such as Spark, Nestle, Freightways, New Zealand Blood Service, Chapman Tripp, Downer, Fonterra, Kiwicare, The Tile Depot.

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Date: March 17, 2023

Time: 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

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