Fresh from the Field — HumanForest by Studio South

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The innovative brand identity for HumanForest featured in our July Under the Hood Event, we asked Studio South senior designer Elliot Stansfield to share more about this project.

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The Brief:

HumanForest is a new mobility company focused on helping cities around the world reduce CO2 emissions and become greener, healthier places to work, live and play. They were looking to launch a new brand in a loud market and establish a clear point of difference – ensuring that the brand complemented it’s environment and culture. The brand needed to communicate their environmentally conscious values as a standalone identity and extend to include their electric bikes (powered by renewable energy) and future transport initiatives.

The Design Response:

A collection of whimsical animated characters personify the brand concept and create a sense of community and collective effort. Key design considerations around colour and messaging represented an opportunity to capture classic British culture and ensure the brand complements the environment – a definitive aesthetic point of difference to competing brands.

The primary green (inspired by historic British racing hues) gives the bikes an understated and fashionable look. A supporting palette of organic tones look to add a natural feel across digital and physical outputs. The logotype and core messaging is set in Haptik, offering a charming set of letterforms to communicate the light-hearted copy.

The Collaborators:

Design – Studio South

Character Animation – Parallel Teeth

Web Development – New Territory



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