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This Fresh From The Field features on-brand motion design for Endeavour Property Services by Pixelpush a multi-disciplinary design studio with a focus on moving images.

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The Brief:

Create an explainer video for a property maintenance company who is on a mission to simplify and make accessible the trade industry. Endeavour Property Services is a property and construction services company that takes pride in having their dedicated team of professionals help customers get the job done right.



Animated video is an effective and accessible way to communicate with viewers, it’s especially appealing to a wider, non-demographic-specific audience. However, care must be taken in the design
and animation process to ensure that the end result fits the brand and that it doesn’t appear to be overly cartoony, wacky or kid-like.

Working with the script and creative direction crafted by the wonderful Mark Easterbrook, our objective was to create engaging visuals and animation to complement what the short and snappy
script was saying.

We started with simplified block-forms and a limited but effective colour palette from Endeavour’s brand-guidelines, creating characters and backgrounds to convey a sense of simplicity. The goal was to echo the genuine, straight-forward and most importantly hassle-free tone and voice of the brand.


Recognising that Endeavour is all about taking the ‘hassle’ out of their customers’ hands, we came up with the solution of using textures to visually represent the idea of ‘hassle’.

A suite of grungy animated textures were created by hand then incorporated digitally as part of the design language to visually represent frustration, noise, trouble, headache …etc. Words commonly associated with the thought of “hassle”.

Various scenes were created to demonstrate the various scenarios their customers would face, eg: a leaky faucet, wear and tear on a house or a property manager having too many tasks to juggle.
The scenarios were then strung together to form the visual storyboard. Movements and transitions were planned to ensure the scenes flowed nicely from one to the next while corresponding to what the voiceover script was saying.


In order to engage with different audiences (Commercial / Residential / Construction), Mark had written the script as 3 separate mini videos- each targeting specific segments of the market.
That meant the characters would need to be set up for versatility to demonstrate the different actions in the different scenarios.

By manipulating the controllers on the characters, (plus a whole lot of animator’s elbow grease) we were able to get down into the business of animating and bringing the storyboard to life!

Watch the animations here.


Client //  Endeavour Property Service (Shane Mathison)

Creative Director // Mark Easterbrook

Producer // Han Law

Art & Animation Director // Siew Wee H’ng

Design & Animation // Huey Min Pon, Siew Wee H’ng

Sound Design // Jhen Ken Thoo




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