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Welcome to our 2017 Hot New Things series – an opportunity to profile a selection of some of the top design grads coming out of our tertiary institutions. First up we speak with Bailey Hancox from Media Design School.

Bailey Hancox
Bachelor of Media Design (Graphic Design major)
Media Design School

Hi Bailey, you completed your full time studies at the end of 2016. Can you tell us what your final year’s project was about and what you focussed on.
My final project, the Neurobranding Toolkit, is a series of educational tools which explore consumer psychology and the implications it has on brand strategy. Comprised of three booklets, multiple card sets, and a mobile application, the toolkit can be used as both a comprehensive guide and a brainstorming tool, leading to new insights, original ideas and more creative solutions. I focussed on conducting an extensive amount of research into various topics within psychology and design. This included, but was not limited to: the connection between psychology and design, conceptual consumption, principles of persuasion, consumer decision-making, habitual buying, consumer trends, learning theories and brand strategy.

How has what you’ve recently been working on influenced your design process, and what momentum does it bring to your practice?
Completing the Neurobranding Toolkit has had a profound impact on my practice as a designer. Acquiring an in-depth understanding of consumer psychology has completely changed my perception of the creative process and how I go about solving branding challenges. I am now able to make design decisions based on sound psychological reasoning, rather than just aesthetic value. For me, this adds another layer of depth and richness to the creative process which I find highly rewarding.

What were some of your most exciting discoveries?
During my research I touched upon many fascinating topics. One interesting topic I looked at was how new brands can stand out in an established market, and how they can leverage habitual buying. I discovered that a new brand can gain market share by clever branding that sets it apart from competitors, drawing the consumer’s attention away from the leading brand. This can be done by providing consumers with a different set of desirable qualities that are not strongly associated with the leading brand.

And also some of the challenges along the way?
I definitely became quite overwhelmed by the sheer volume of research undertaken — I had opened a Pandora’s box of exciting new psychological concepts that could really help me to communicate with consumers on a deeper level. However, there was just too much information out there and I needed to decide what would be most relevant to my final output. To overcome this challenge, I took a step back from my research, spoke to my end-users, conducted surveys, and then began to consider how I would package all of this content in the most concise and cohesive manner.

What did you love doing most?
Hand drawn type! Although it took me a ridiculous amount of time to hand draw, vectorise, and then integrate all of the typography and icons, it was definitely worth it. I am so happy with how it turned out, and I don’t think it would look anywhere near as authentic had I just found an existing hand drawn typeface and stock icons. I love how the typography creates that conversational feel which offsets the intense subject matter.

Where do you go to find inspiration (websites, resources, designers, etc)?
I find inspiration all over the place, most notably Behance, Designspiration, Instagram and Pinterest. I also really love packaging design so I’m always on the lookout for unique and memorable packaging whilst out at the shops.

Why did you choose to study at Media Design School, and what do you feel you can take away now that you’ve completed your course?
I was drawn to the learning environment and smaller class sizes that can be found at Media Design School. I knew that MDS replicated studio standards as much as possible, and that they would push me to produce a higher standard of work. The tutors are such great, devoted people who truly have your best intentions at heart. I’m very proud of my portfolio and believe it is an accurate representation of who I am as an emerging professional designer.

Where to next for you, Bailey? What does 2017 hold?
I am currently working on my freelance projects whilst looking for employment within the design industry. Who knows what 2017 holds for me, I’ll get back to you on that one!

Thanks for your time, Bailey.

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