Design Assembly Conversations Autumn 2017

Autumn Conversations Christchurch Thursday 16th March 6–8pm, event begins @6.30pm XCHC 376 Wilsons Road Christchurch   Autumn Conversations Auckland Thursday 23rd March 6–8pm, event begins @6.30pm Thievery Studio   Autumn Conversations Wellington Thursday 30 March 6–8pm, event begins @6.30pm BizDojo 115 Tory Street Te Aro Wellington Design Assembly is delighted to present our DA Conversations Autumn…

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A man you need to know: Robert Coupland Harding, Part III

written by Kelly Gilchrist (Read Part I here. Part II is also available to read here.) Harding’s type specimen and library collection began while he was still an apprentice and only ended the day he passed. An auction catalogue of Harding’s extensive library after his death outlines small details of his collection only surpassed by the…

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My mother told me to always make good choices.

written by Laura Kerrison  My mother told me to always make good choices… But sometimes, as a designer in this crazy ol’ world, it doesn’t always feel that easy. We are experiencing the exponential growth of technology and an accelerating pace of change, doing things that weren’t possible 10 years ago, and that will probably be…

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Celebrating your accomplishments

Written by Sarah Ritchie AgencyLand is the type of environment where you are more likely to hear if you haven’t done a good job, than if you have, and it becomes easy to adopt a negative or distorted view of your abilities. By writing down all your wins (even if they are small), you will…

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Björk Digital and the rise of VR tech

written by Nigel Smith Nigel Smith is Director of Transformer, an Auckland creative agency. He’s currently based in the UK but is still actively involved in Transformer’s projects. We’re delighted that Nigel has agreed to share some of his design-related UK experiences with our DA audience over the coming months. First up Nigel reviews Björk Digital.…

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Oh! Vodafone Logo!

written by Cameron Ralston I’ve always been sceptical of Christchurch’s Innovation Precinct. Innovation is one of those words that you hear all the time nowadays: Beauden Barrett is a great innovator with a rugby ball; young IT companies are very innovative; the new petrol pumps are innovative et cetera. The Vodafone building on Tuam Street—dubbed…

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Robert Coupland Harding: A man you need to know, Part II

Under the heading of « Design in Typography, » we purpose publishing from month to month a series of original articles of a practical character on the general principles of display work and ornamental composition. In some trade serials may be found a multiplicity of rules on this subject—in most cases excellent—sometimes otherwise.  Robert Coupland…

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Designing exhibitions at Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira

by Layla Tweedie-Cullen From 2009 until 2015 I worked as an inhouse designer at Auckland War Memorial Museum Tāmaki Paenga Hira. I accepted the position not long after I returned to New Zealand to live after eight years overseas. I studied graphic design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Werkplaats Typografie in the Netherlands, and…

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Slapping a Koru on it

An accurate portrayal of Maori and Māori culture is largely missing in the eyes of most New Zealanders. What you do see is cliché, token, or offensive, as reflected in this piece that captures the struggles that come with growing up Māori. And because of that misunderstanding, most New Zealanders seem intimidated or even fearful of engaging with the culture.

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DA Workshop – Managing your design business

Join Mark Osborne from Roll and Asheel Bharos from Rightway in an evening seminar looking at the systems behind managing your design business.

Mark will talk about transforming your design business with software, moving beyond Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office and the future – where is business software heading?

Asheel will focus on the challenges around cash flow and forward thinking around financials – particularly where jobs last several months and the need to track partial payments and WIP. He will also discuss reporting on efficiency and understanding project profitability as well as profit and loss.

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Robert Coupland Harding — a man you should know, Part I

written by Kelly Gilchrist A few words to set forth the objects and scope of our publication will not be out of place in our first number. It is our design to issue a journal representative of the printing, publishing, bookselling, stationery, and kindred interests, and to provide a recognized channel of communication between those…

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Battling billboards

Written by Michael Smythe What? Who? Why? Our eyeballs are assaulted. Our streetscapes are cluttered. There must be an election in the offing. For many potential voters the proliferation of political placards is the clearest indication that a democratic process is underway. So … IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE ELECTORAL ROLL DO IT HERE…

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