Fresh from the field — Moa Session Pale Ale Cans

A beer designed for the outdoors. Todd Wilson worked with Moa Brewing Company on a design for their new cans. Thanks to the unwavering growth of craft beer in New Zealand, the perception of beer in a can is changing. Cans are just better for beer. They protect from light strike, have a 100% oxygen seal and are lighter…

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Fresh from the field — Avanti

New Zealand’s leading cycle brand, Avanti, has undergone its biggest rebrand in more than 20 years, in time to represent the Kiwi cycle team at Rio 2016. The new logo design emblazoned the Avanti bikes ridden by the New Zealand Olympic track cycling team, with the Sprint team winning Silver during the first week of…

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DA Workshop – Managing your design business

Join Mark Osborne from Roll and Asheel Bharos from Rightway in an evening seminar looking at the systems behind managing your design business.

Mark will talk about transforming your design business with software, moving beyond Adobe Creative Suite and Microsoft Office and the future – where is business software heading?

Asheel will focus on the challenges around cash flow and forward thinking around financials – particularly where jobs last several months and the need to track partial payments and WIP. He will also discuss reporting on efficiency and understanding project profitability as well as profit and loss.

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Fresh from the field – Em by Curative

The Brief: The frightening truth is that 1 out of 3 girls in New Zealand may be sexually abused before she turns 16, and most of this abuse (90%) is likely to be done by someone she knows. And if that isn’t bad enough, this age group also lacks awareness of resources available to support…

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